Data Visulization/ Modelling: perhaps you already have your own data but don't have the capabilities or software to model the data in 2D/ 3D? Maapera can help you with that and this can be particually crucial for larger sites. We even have a free version of our automated visualization system that you can use for less than 50 data points. Feel free to check it out.....we think you'll agree that it is pretty awesome!

Data Analysis Services: Maapera's main business model is to provide data analysis and reporting while the technicians or consultants we work with conduct their field operations. We have detailed procedures and instructions to ensure quality data and our machine learning algorithms with automated processing will highlight any concerns so you and your team can review and discard any concerning data points.

Maapera Solutions

Site Technicians: Maapera can offer site technicians that handle the entire process of collecting, processing and delivering analysis for your site. If you'd like to obtain a quote, please contact us with a few details on your project.

Sensor Rental: The NIRS sensing equipment Maapera's technology is based on is commercially available but is fairly expensive. In order to allow smaller consulting firms to execute Rapid Soil Analysis Maapera has invested in sensing equipment and we can rent to you and your team and very attractive rates.

Expert Consulting Services: ​We have some really talented technical staff here at Maapera. Although it is not our main business, we can certainly help you with your soil analysis and site modelling plans, process, and execution as well as providing independent review.

Additional Soil Property Capture: Maapera is primarily focused on Petroleum Hydrocarbon and Soil Texture Model data capture but we recognize that there may be additional contaminents that you need to consider and capture. Ask us about your needs and we may have an integration solution already set up.

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