“Parks Canada sees significant potential for near real-time quantitative measurement of petroleum hydrocarbons in the field.

If successful this tool will reduce costs, by allowing rapid determination of the presence absence of contamination at a site and whether additional assessment is required.  

If remediation is underway it will allow accurately directing work to impacted areas, reducing disposal costs and reducing time-on-site.  

It would also reduce costs by avoiding the current 5-7 day delays waiting for confirmatory results - while equipment remains mobilized or has to be re-mobilized.  

Environmentally it would reduce over-digging which will limit ecological effects of remediation to only the minimum area required.”

Parks Canada - Environmental Management Specialist

Maapera Testimonials

"The pain points and needs Maapera has identified for environmental consultants are real and their solutions should provide significant advancements in this industry as their services obtain wider adoption"

Stuart McCormick, P.Eng

Independent Engineer with 30 Years of Environmental Consulting Experience

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"Maapera's services provided us with rapid soil analysis for PHC contamination that let us determine precisely when all contaminated soil had been excavated in an area. Their services provided value for the project by making it clear when to stop digging, and move on to other areas of the excavation. This technology definitely helped reduce equipment standby time, and DST will certainly be evaluating the use of Maapera's technology in the our future prtojects."

Eric Taub, 
Senior Project Manager, DST Consulting Engineers Inc.